Ghost Hunts

Ghost HuntsThe Rapids Theatre is one of WNY’s most haunted locations. Some of the paranormal activity known to be happening are Voices being heard, doors opening and closing, footsteps being heard, a mysterious whistling with keys jingling, and even sightings of full blown apparitions. It was featured on the SYFY Channels Ghost Hunters 7th Season and it continues to air in re-runs, mostly around Halloween. See on SYFY

SYFY's Ghost Hunters

Originally opening in 1921, The Rapids Theatre is one of the most historical buildings remaining in the great city of Niagara Falls, NY.

Since being on SYFY’s Ghost Hunters The Rapids Theatre has had thousands of inquiries from people as well as other paranormal investigation teams that would like to investigate the Theatre. The Rapids Theatre along with their good friends Paranormal Crossroads Live or “PCL” decided that they would team up and start to give guided “Ghost Hunts” to the public.

With team PCL’s vast knowledge in the supernatural and extensive cabinet full of the most current paranormal technical equipment, our public ghost hunts are on a scale of their own. Team PCL even does live internet broadcasts of some of the investigations!

This isn’t a tour, this is a full blown HUNT!


Our Ghost Hunts consist of the following:

  • 7pm: Arrival
  • 7pm-7:30pm: Sign in and Group Formation
  • 7:30-8pm: Introduction
  • 8pm-?: Investigation

We don’t put an end time on investigations because sometimes there is just so much activity that nobody wants to leave! Investigations go until at least Midnight, or until every group has been able to investigate each section.


There are typically 3-5 groups all made up of 5-10 people each depending on the amount of people present.

Places Of Investigation

  • Front Tunnels
  • Rear Tunnels
  • Main Floor/Stage
  • VIP Balcony
  • Green Room

Groups typically investigate each section for 45 minutes with a 15 minute break in between the next session to use the restroom and get a drink of water.

The Rapids Theatre and Paranormal Crossroads Live will occasionally announce a public ghost hunt in which the public can buy tickets online. These ghost hunts will be limited to 50 tickets per event. We limit these events to 50 in order to yield the best results. By keeping the group numbers down, there is much less of a chance for sound contamination (thinking you hear a ghost when it’s actually another group). This is possible by keeping groups far enough apart in their sections that sound contamination is not possible.

Includes Ghost Hunting Introduction, An evening of Ghost Hunting at one of WNY’s Most Haunted Locations, bottled water and soda refreshments, use of PCL’s paranormal tech gear such as EMF Readers and Voice Recorders with Headphones, and a small goody bag of helpful things for paranormal investigation.


(minimum 10 guests, maximum 50 guests)

*Date that you want to investigate must be within 30 days of inquiry date


  • 10-14 people: $150 per person
  • 15-25 people: $125 per person
  • 26-35 people: $100 per person
  • 36-50 people: $75.00 per person